[WS-5.11] Ambient Intelligence Research Facility demo
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Date: Tuesday,2 October
Time: 18:15 : 19:15
Duration: 1 session
Place: FORTH- AMI amphitheater
Audience Type: Open

The ICS-FORTH Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Programme is a long-term horizontal interdisciplinary RTD Programme aiming to develop and apply pioneering human-centric AmI technologies and Smart Environments.

In the context of the AmI Programme, more than 130 integrated systems have been developed targeted to a number of interconnected technological environments such as home and daily living, workplace, learning and education, healthcare, arts and culture, leisure and entertainment, and commerce and marketing.

During the demo, which lasts approximately one hour, the visitors will have the opportunity to see many of the developed systems, with particular focus on systems providing innovative forms of interaction with digital and physical cultural heritage artefacts.

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Programme