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Metaphacts GmbH is an innovative software company based in Walldorf, Germany. We offer products, solutions and services in the space of enterprise knowledge graph management, built entirely on open standards and technologies. Targeting both organizations that want to create their own knowledge graphs, as well as organizations with existing large graphs, metaphacts delivers technologies for use cases such as collaborative knowledge graph management, graph analytics, and search. 
metaphacts software and services are used in academic and commercial projects in application areas ranging from the digital humanities and cultural heritage to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry.

UniSystems, long standing strategic ICT partner to large organizations and enterprises across Europe has been investing in integrated solutions and services for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums since 1997 and is currently a leader in the Southeast European Countries, Middle East and North Africa. In this context, partners with international top experts in cultural heritage, such as Gallery Systems, a world leader in collection and archive management that bridges deep knowledge of collection management and technology to create the best tools to efficiently manage collections. TMS - The Museum System by Gallery Systems is an internationally recognized and continuously evolving platform for museum collections and archives management which in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta and Cyprus is been represented by UniSystems through an agreement of exclusive distribution.

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