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Collections management from basics to international implementation

Collection management standards are best created from the practice of the people working in the sector. This has been the experience of Collections Trust, formerly the Museum Documentation Association (MDA) in the United Kingdom. Since its publication in 1994 Spectrum has undergone changes which reflect the changes in the sector. It has also been implemented in all kinds of institution national to local to volunteer. It has been translated into other languages, including German, Dutch, with an upcoming version in French (Canada).

The workshop will cover: deriving the basics of collections management, procedures and information needs, from common experience of the participants; Spectrum – the UK Collections Management Standard; and how to localise Spectrum in your country, and organisation.

The workshop is aimed at all those who are interested at implementing collections management in their organisation. Attendees of all levels of experience are welcome. It will be interactive, involving working in small groups to consider relevant questions with reporting back. It will give advice and hopefully provide inspiration.

Sunday, September 30, 2018
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Full day
Cultural Conference Centre of Heraklion (CCCH)
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0000 - 10:20 to 16:20