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Multimodal interaction in the Virtual Museum

Today, the term Virtual Museum is mainly used to describe initiatives such as 2D and 3D digital collections available on the web, virtual tours to existing physical museums or (in its advanced form) a systematic use of web technology and tools, as well as multimedia content, to communicate aspects of cultural heritage. Recent and current research activities on VMs have identified and systematically advanced new technologies, methods and tools to develop digital cultural heritage supporting rich interaction.

This tutorial will analyze and discuss enabling technologies, examples and case studies of a wide variety of novel interactive systems in the context of digital and physical cultural heritage.

The tutorial will cover:

  • A brief introduction to multimodal interaction in the context of cultural heritage
  • portable, mobile and custom hardware devices
  • reusable interaction modalities
  • visualizations
  • gamification techniques
  • interaction and content personalization
  • virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies
  • augmentation of physical artifacts
  • interactive surfaces
  • moving surfaces
  • interactive animations
  • immersive representations
  • multiuser support
  • integration of the above into holistic solutions for virtual exhibitions and interactive art installations.
Sunday, September 30, 2018
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Half day
Cultural Conference Centre of Heraklion (CCCH)
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0000 - 14:20 to 17:50